VentiNove’s shop was just freshly painted, rebranded and refurbished when the location of their dreams became available. Ambitious as ever, they didn’t let anything happen to get in their way, persuing that dream.

StyleSoldiers-Studio came up with a complete interior and furniture design creating a stylish, approachable platform. Luxurious but not over the top.

Custom designed temporary and elegant clothing standards, which seem to float on a white industrial floor, forming the foundation of this shop. The mobility of these oak and steel units give the opportunity to change the layout of the shop plan. Vintage accessories like the antique chairs and mirrors give that little extra something without feeling overdecorated.

The fireplace combined with a tremendous dining table and comfortable chair are the centerpiece of the shop which gives a familiar feeling to this retail experience; this way shopping feels like coming home and that was exactly what StyleSoldiers-Studio had in mind designing this wonderful shop.