A selection of our recent projects. Do you like our style? Please email us!

Tijssen Mode

Concept and style consultancy for the male clothing company in the centre of Nijmegen, this 350m2 in an old Victorian statuesque house is styled with natural leather wall paneling and bamboo flooring, given the ambiance which ...

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A winning entrée in the annual design contest, the first edition held in 2006, brought a light design which colored the complete venue as never seen before. White colored empty space changes into a bright ...

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Complete concept and interior design of an exclusive menswear shop in Oisterwijk, the four brand pilot store showcases the fine essence of the way the man like to spend their time in a quality shop. No smoke and mirrors, just the product ...

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The biggest Grolsch reseller in the east of Holland came to us to develop a new meeting point for their brand new headquarters. The HorecaLab, where people from the hospitality branche can meet and create ...

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Custom designed temporary and elegant clothing standards, which seem to float on a white industrial floor, forming the foundation of this shop. The mobility of these oak and steel units give the opportunity to change the layout of the shop plan.

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Church residence

High cross vault ceilings, stucco plaster detailing with ancient murals and an special winding staircase towards the tower. This unique apartment has it all, all we added was a modern touch.

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