Tijssen Mode

In the centre of Nijmegen you can find a store which sells high end mensclothing for more than 40 years now. When they decided to move from one of the mainstreets towards a classical mansion located at the Oranjesingel, they asked StyleSoldiers for style consultancy.

The original plan includes minimalistic materials like concrete, within a neo-modern design.

StyleSoldiers reviewed and analyzed the concept and made some thorough changes.

Changing the form language towards a sturdy and more masculine basis. By adding timeless materials like, leather wall paneling,  velvet stairrunners, blond parquetery and dark contrasting wood cabinets, the overall look of this store becomes much more elegant, manly, classical and it really gets the bold exclusiveness it deserves.

The atmosphere is overall light, comfortable, approachable and luxurious, without being over the top or to pretentious. So if you want to enjoy the some fine clothing while being served some perfect Italian espresso, you know where to go.