When the biggest reseller of Grolsch in the eastern part of Holland decided to build a brand new complex for their headquarters, they asked StyleSoldiers-Studio to design a new meeting area called Horeca LAB. An innovative hangout where members of the hospitality branch can meet, inspire and innovate. This LAB had to fit in to the heritage of the Eykelenkamps but most certainly give an extra platform for its visitors to express and reinvent hospitality.

Build out of black glass boxes, mysterious and not revealing what is inside, the design shows its magic on the inside. In a black and white d├ęcor the colorful pink and green from representing two wonderful worlds of Eykelenkamp, reveal a world of Grolsch and a wine tastery.

Instead of hiding the beer containers underneath the bar, we chose to showcase this product in a black transparent glass bar. Unlike any other hospitality outlet where everything linked to a bar is made out of stainless steel, we wanted to go a step further; al the steel is coated black to create an edgy and contrasting look and feel in a furthermore classical environment. Simple and elegant, but still fragile and edgy.